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Momma's Little Bees
Dayton, Ohio United States
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    Dayton Ohio, United States
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    Momma's Little Bees is an All Natural shop that offers All Natural products for your home, self, bath, and body needs. We are proud to use only the best ingredients that you can easily read and pronounce. Things that you are comfortable using on your entire family.
    Momma's Little Bees started when my daughter needed a lotion that didn't contain Shea butter. She is allergic to latex and Shea is a relative of latex causing itching and rashes for her. After looking at all the labels I realized that most everything in the Health and Beauty isle contained either chemicals, micro-beads, or Shea butter. So it was time to put my Chemistry Degree into practice.
    Friends an family were impressed with my products, so much so that I decided to make them as gifts. Then it spread like wildfire, and friends of friends were ordering.
    I am happy to work around allergies and specialize in making a new item just for you. I am always excited to help a family that needs something just for them.
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